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Renting Long-term Apartments (Flats) in Kiev

Renting a long-term apartment for rent in Kiev without knowledge can be time consuming and expensive. Searching online with terms such as “apartments for rent in Kiev” will often times mislead you to websites that deal only with daily and weekly rental rates. Within the sphere of apartment rentals, there are always expensive and less expensive options. To assist you in making the right decision, we’ve put together this article to help you navigate through the market and find what is best for you and your budget.

Don’t be Fooled

A Google search in English for “apartment rentals in Kiev” will almost always result in websites that service apartments and rooms for short-term durations. Although this may suffice for visitors staying in Kiev for a few days or a couple weeks; and is a great alternative to paying for ridiculous expensive hotels, if you’re looking to stay in Kiev for a minimum of 3 months or longer, All Star Kiev Realty specializes in providing long-term apartment housing solutions for expatriates, foreign diplomats as well as comprehensive corporate solutions to house multiple staff members.

Real Estate Agency in Kiev

Without question, the least expensive way to rent an apartment/flat in Kiev is by contacting the property owner directly. However, this approach is very difficult as most property owners will list their property for rent with real estate agencies. Many of these property owners are unable to speak English, do not want to deal with the hassles of advertising, talking phone calls and answering various questions. Thus, utilizing local real estate agencies is practiced by almost all property owners. 

Becides, by contacting a professional real estate agency you can be sure that you will be offered with real properties that are available at the moment and match your requirments. It can save you a lot of time compared to the situation when you decide to find a property by yourself and start serching Internet through all real estate web-sites. As soon as you start doing it you realize that 90% of the listings posted online are fake. They can be either already rented long time ago or listings with wrong price (much lower than the real one). Many unscrupulous agencies post those listings to attract potential clients. 

A onetime 50% service fee (50% of the monthly rent amount) is paid to the real estate agency by the renter or the landlord, depending on which side the agency represents. This service fee includes the drafting of all contracts and specific negations such as preferred furniture (furnished or unfurnished), utility payments, residence permit, etc. In Kiev real estate the term ‘commission’ is more commonly used rather than ‘service fee.’ 

Negotiating Rental Terms

On average, expect to sign a 12 month lease agreement; and pay two months’ rent in advance (for the first month of rent and a security deposit). If you are not looking for a yearlong agreement, ensure the contract contains a clause that states the renter will be allowed for an early termination given a specified advance notice (usually 30 days).


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